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AoIP Showdown

There are only two companies that adequately do AoIP for radio. They are Axia and Wheatstone. Want an answer of who to go with? Well, the answer is Wheatstone.

The answer is pretty simple. I’ve spent weeks looking into their offerings of consoles, plus I went to NAB and came back more confused on who the clear AoIP leader is.

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New AoIP console from Axia. Coming 3Q 2013

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Radio Console #nabshow #techorgasm (Taken with instagram)

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Do I even need to spell it out?

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Yay, more followers. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I will soon #promise

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Studio 1938 revisited.

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I recently found out that radio shows are harder doing that it actually seems. I used to think all they did was talk and play music that we like but that is not the case. You have to pre-plan everything to make sure it equals out to a certain time limit or pre record your commercials or psa so you wont mess up get your weather forcast and the news. Its alot harder than it is. This project im doing for VMT has opened my eyes to appriciate the people who work for radio stations. #vmt #radiostation #planning #psa #commercial #respect #harderthanitseems

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100% drunk tumbling.


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The best way to store Vodka is the way the Russians do.


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More posts coming ssssssoooooooooooon friends

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Radio Mic’s:

Instead of using a boom pole and mic we decided it was easier to radio mic’s as they are wireless. We wouldn’t have the worry of not enough space or the worry of getting in the players way.

To use this we would need:

  • Zoom recorder
  • Radio mic’s
  • Audio mixer
  • XLR Caple

To set this up you need to use the XLR caple to connect the zoom and the audio mixer together the plug the wire that goes in the radio mic in and your set to go. Oh don’t forget the headphones to check the sound!

By using the audio mixer you can alter the incoming audio weather its too loud or too quite.

When attaching the micro-phone (transmitter) to the person you need to make sure it is pointing down as it is a Omni, it will pick up audio from all around.

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I can’t recognize him with a beard!

I can’t recognize him with a beard!

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My morning office #music #radiostation #radioshow #fun

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Leo Marshall is the mayor of Salmon, Idaho, and a local radio personality on KSRA, an AM/FM station that many people rely on for news in this remote mountainous area. We visited their studios — a structure the size a small house between two hotels — as Marshall hosted the local program “Voice of the Valley.” At one point, the son of the station’s former owner asked KSRA to pick up Rush Limbaugh’s show, but the station politely declined, Marshall says, because the fees to buy the show were too expensive. He says he also likes to keep KSRA’s airwaves apolitical - though, if the two candidates in the GOP race we’re following call in, he’ll put them on - making certain they’re given equal time.

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Computer Audio Headaches

So in a desperate attempt to find a good headset microphone to replace my USB condenser microphone that I left at college, I went to BestBuy to look for the thing that would solve my dilemma.

I knew that I wanted another USB condenser mic or maybe a USB interface that would take an XLR, then I could add any mic I wanted with a long cable and a good and proper mic stand. I was hopefull but BestBuy just couldn’t supply me with those.

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